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foto-presentacionIn order to broaden the knowledge and understanding of crop protection technologies, para la protección de cultivos, CropLife Latin America has developed educational tools for everyone working in the field of agriculture or who are interested in pest, weed, and disease management, and the responsible use and management of phytosanitary products.

The online courses are a part of these educational tools, among flyers, posters, videos and workshops taught in 18 countries in Latin America. .

The available online courses are free and have been designed following a distance learning model, which is why the design and content is self-explanatory. However, you will always have the opportunity to ask questions and reach out to our team with suggestions.

If you need help or have any questions regarding the course, you can press the ? icon found at the bottom of every page. Not all of the courses generate a diploma, which is why we recommend you review each course's information before starting it.