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    • To have access to CropLife Latin America's online courses, you must first create your account.



    • Once you fill out the form and complete your registration, you can start the course of your choice. You can log out and log back in to any course using your EMAIL and PASSWORD (Make sure you save this information, you will need it every time you want to access the platform).



    • Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to see all of the available courses, grades and diplomas in the “My Courses” tab. You can select the course you wish to take and click on it to start it. Remember you can take multiple courses at the same time.



    • To download the diplomas of the courses you have completed, click on GRADES, select the course you completed, and click DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE.



      • The following courses are divided into different topic modules: FAO Course, CampoLimpio, Pollinators and Introduction to Biotechnology.


      • Both the Life Cycle of a Pesticide and the Bio Beds courses consist of a single module. You will find summaries and quizzes to help you review the content on every course.


      • To navigate through the course, you can access specific slides using the menu button at the bottom of every page. Once in the menu, you will be able to select the slide you want to review. You will not have access to modules without having successfully completed the previous one.