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Camas biológicas

Bio Beds


This course has been designed for farmers, engineers, biologists, and all those interested in sustainable agriculture, so that they can learn about Bio Beds, structures that allow pesticide-degrading microorganisms' growth to treat pesticide excess and spill.

Bio Beds were developed in Switzerland and they are currently used in certain places in Latin America, managed by research centers that monitor them according to each country's environment. Bio Beds are a tool that is constantly being researched and developed, which is why the content of this course is subject to changes on the technique and scientific approach. With this course learn about the science behind biological beds and how its adoption is increasing in Latin America.

  • At the end of this course you will find a test.

  • After successfully completing this course you will receive a diploma.

  • This course is available in spanish, portuguese and english.

  • The interactive online platform allows you to access the course anywhere and at anytime. This way you will be able to complete the course on your own time.